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Mechanical Assembler

Montreal, ON
Job Title: Mechanical Assembler

Role Overview:
Join our team as a Mechanical Product Assembler and play a vital role in the assembly, integration, and quality verification of complex mechanical products. This position may also involve taking on responsibilities as a production attendant and providing general assistance as needed. You'll work within structured processes, occasionally conducting analysis to make informed decisions within established procedures.

Key Responsibilities:
- Skillfully handle and employ polymeric products for precise bonding of components.
- Assemble and seamlessly integrate antenna and payload components with precision.
- Provide essential support for repeater and panel integration tasks.
- Execute critical integration of passive intermodulation (PIM) sensitive antennas.
- Occasional involvement in machining operations to meet specific requirements.
- Contribute to the preparation, assembly, and integration of composite structures.
- Perform meticulous inspections, verifications, and validations of tasks completed by colleagues.
- Collaborate in research and development initiatives to drive innovation and improvement.
- Fulfill any other related tasks to ensure the smooth operation of the assembly process.

Minimum Qualifications:
- Diploma of Collegial Studies (DEC) or Diploma of Vocational Studies (DEP) in mechanics, aeronautics, or equivalent field.
- Two (2) to five (5) years of relevant experience, demonstrating expertise in mechanical assembly.
- Proficiency in interpreting technical drawings and plans.
- Fundamental understanding of geometric tolerances and dimensions.
- Ability to navigate and input data using computer systems, including working with production databases.
- Fluent communication skills in French, enabling effective collaboration.
- Demonstrated fine manual dexterity for intricate assembly tasks.
- Basic knowledge of English is considered an asset, enhancing cross-functional communication.

We welcome individuals who are passionate about precision assembly, eager to contribute to cutting-edge projects, and committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality. If you meet these qualifications and are excited to play a pivotal role in our mechanical assembly team, we encourage you to apply.

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