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Flight Control Engineer

Mirabel, Québec

Flight Control Engineer

Mirabel, QC

The Flight Control Law Development Engineer to lead the team through development testing and the certification effort. The lead role involves the following tasks:


·        Analysis of control law inner and outer loop functions
·        Linear and non-linear analysis of integrated flight and propulsion control systems
·        6 degree-of-freedom simulation development
·        Integration of control law functions into flight software models with supporting requirements definition
·        Development of sequencing logic for vehicle autopilot, autonomy, and sub-system automation
·        Desktop testing of integrated flight and propulsion control software using 6 degree-of-freedom simulations
·        Aircraft and rotorcraft stability and control design and analysis
·        Documentation of work in engineering memos and presentations to supervision


Bachelor’s degree in aerospace, Electrical, or Mechanical Engineering is preferred.
·       At leasyears of relevant experience
    Experience with the design and certification/qualification of commercial or military aircraft to relevant industry or regulatory standards for handling qualities and automatic flight controls

·        Experience with Mathworks Matlab/Simulink/Stateflow; specifically, simulation development, control system analysis and scripting
·        Must have the ability to prioritize a variety of assignments

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