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Micro-electromechanical fitter

Montreal, QC



Aversan Inc. (www.aversan.com) is a reputable Engineering Company that provides expertise in Systems Integration, Product Design/Development and Software/Product Testing for highly regulated industries including Digital Health, Medical Devices, IT and Aerospace.  We are currently seeking a qualified Micro electromechanical fitter. The successful candidate for this position will be a part of highly motivated and highly technical work environment that feeds off the collective energy of a team-oriented workplace.

Location: Montreal, QC
Job Type: Onsite


Assembles micro-electromechanical products. In addition, may have to perform the tasks of production attendant and general help.
Level of responsibility: Structured work processes. Some analysis is required before independently choosing among known methods.

  • Attach by soldering to substrate, selection of substrate, measurement of electrical components.
  • Make electrical joints and contacts using welded wires or tapes (microwiring, parallel welding and microbeams).
  • Attach substrates to a base or to a case using a pre-programmed oven.
  • Attach components to a base or circuit.
  • Prepare components for encapsulation.
  • Prepare, handle and use polymer products for bonding components.
  • Carry out the sealing and sealing tests of the enclosures.
  • Use equipment for sorting hybrids.
  • Proceed with the assembly of elements in the boxes.
  • Perform product verification.
  • Inspect, verify and validate the compliance of certain tasks performed by colleagues.
  • Support research and development.
  • Any other related tasks.

  • Reading of plans.
  • Basic knowledge of the principle of tolerances and geometric dimensions.
  • The incumbent has the basic knowledge to operate one or more manual and semi-automatic micro-electronic assembly equipment
  • Ability to retrieve and enter data using a computer system.
  • Use of production databases.
  • Good knowledge of French.
  • Fine manual dexterity.
  • Education: DEC or DEP in one of the following fields: electronics, mechanics or equivalent
  • Experience: Two (2) to five (5) years of relevant experience.
  • Level of language skills: Basic knowledge of English, an asse

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