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Hardware Designer

Toronto, ON

Aversan Inc. is a multi-service engineering firm specializing in design, build, testing, certification, and support services for embedded flight and rail systems & software, health technology, and advanced IT.​


  • Formulating / contributing to the development of new designs
  • Implementing designs using good design practice & applicable standards & guidelines
  • Devising & running tests to verify functionality & identifying & solving problems
  • Being proficient in the skills & current with the technology of the discipline
  • Reviewing any applicable specifications, standards, rules, etc & ensuring that the appropriate actions resulting from this review have been taken
  • Making efficient re-use of existing designs
  • Demonstrating a good degree of initiative & resourcefulness in solving problems
  • Interpreting, identifying & documentation of requirements such that customer needs are met within the budget & schedule constraints
  • To ensure both the safety & quality of hardware products while reducing the deployment cost of those products. To contribute to the heightened reuse of product hardware & contribute to improvements in hardware quality.
  • Preparing specifications for hardware and/or software components / devices
  • Being proficient with the use of development tools

Basic Qualifications

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Computer/Electrical Engineering or equivalent;
  • Minimum 4 years of related work experience
  • Good technical knowledge of the discipline & good understanding of related disciplines
  • Computer literate with experience using development tools such as Engineering Development Tools, Parts List system (SAP), a Configuration Management tool (DDTS) & Microsoft Office suite
  • Good interpersonal & technical writing skills
  • Ability to work within a proposal team
  • Registration with PEO required
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