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Software Product Assurance Engineer

Brampton, ON


  • Providing technical direction and surveillance to assure that the quality of the software and its development process adhere to program requirements and standards.
  • Reviewing system-level designs and perform software architecture, requirements, and coding verification activities.
  • Review and oversight of multiple stages of safety critical, real-time software design, development, and test
  • Monitoring programs to ensure adherence to company and program standards
  • Identifying issues and risks and work with the software development team to resolve.
  • Chairing reviews of software Non-conformances and ensure implementation of effective corrective action.
  • Ensuring incorporation of SW reliability, fault tolerance & maintainability features.
  • Participating in milestone reviews, including chairing software Test Readiness Reviews.
  • Performing in-process and phase-end audits and surveys, identify risks, and agree on corrective actions.
  • Performing software safety analyses as required.
  • Performing software subcontractor audits as required.
  • Finding process improvements for increased quality, productivity, efficiency, and cost savings.
  • As part of the team, you will contribute to the design, implementation, maintenance, and testing of a wide spectrum of software solutions, including but not limited to safety-critical, real-time flight software solutions, ground control software, simulators, and test software tools.

Basic Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or equivalent
  • Minimum 5+ years of relevant experience for intermediate level; 8+ years for senior
  • Previous experience in software product or quality assurance
  • Strong knowledge and understanding of C/C++, able to read and modify codes
  • Experience with Agile development (continuous integration/build automation)
  • Highly motivated and enthusiastic, with a positive attitude
  • Previous experience with any of the following: MIL / NASA/ ESA Software and SW Product Assurance standards is an asset;
  • Experience with V&V (verification and validation).
  • Experience with product assurance of firmware/VHDL.
  • Experience with development and/or test of safety critical, real-time software solutions.
  • Experience with automated testing/scripts.
  • What Works Well (or Doesn’t):
  • We sometimes attract candidates who’ve done only automated testing for the banking or insurance industries – they aren’t typically good fits for the role, unless they’re early in their career with potential to expand learn.
  • For the senior level hires, we are looking for people who can lead a small team of more junior software PAs.
  • Interpersonal skills are key.
  • We are particularly looking for two critical skills:
  • Independent V&V Coordinator (someone to lead independent V&V should have all the above, plus some ability to lead/manage)
  • Someone who has experience in Firmware/FPGA/VHDL assurance
  • Strong written/verbal communication skills and strong analytical and problem-solving skills

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