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Bid & Project Management

Toronto, ON



Aversan Inc. (www.aversan.com) is a reputable Engineering Company that provides expertise in Systems Integration, Product Design/Development and Software/Product Testing for highly regulated industries including Digital Health, Medical Devices, IT and Aerospace.  We are currently seeking a qualified Bid & Project Management professional. The successful candidate for this position will be a part of highly motivated and highly technical work environment that feeds off the collective energy of a team-oriented workplace.

Location: Toronto, ON
Job Type: Hybrid


The Project Design Authority (PDA) is responsible for Solution Compliance for a Bid or Project or for a Product Development phase (as a project). Your primary objective is to define the Solution to achieve full compliance within the budget and schedule constraints of the project proposing the best trade-off to the product line policy.

As Bid PDA you are focused on developing a soluton that is inline with the target cost for the bid.

  • Act as lead technical interface with the Customer (or PLM for a Product) in regard to Solution architecture, design and performance.
  • Coordinate and analyze a Compliance assessment of the Bid Technical Requirements and determine the best solution to achieve the customer’s needs.
  • As required perform trade-off between the solution and customer requirements in order to optimize the reuse of product in order to offer the best solution to the customer to achieve an optimal price while meeting the customer needs.
  • Work with the Capture Lead to ensure customer needs are understood.
  • Communicate the solution and add clarifications to ensure estimators and other bid stakeholders understand the solution.
  • Ensures the solution is in compliance with Product Policy, MTB/production/services strategies, contractual requirements (including offsets) and applicable legislation & regulations (i.e., export restrictions, Environmental/HSE, safety, security)
  • Checks that the Engineering Environment (process, practices and tools) for the Solution is consistent with Country/Company requirements, and overall Solution cost, technical risks & schedule.
  • Reviews together with the Bid Technical Lead all technical risks and opportunities and the related mitigation plans
  • Prepares and signs the Design Validation (DVa) document at each relevant validation step of the Bid and/or the Project, and ensures that the DVa is approved and signed
  • Approves the main bid engineering reviews and deliverables for (SOR, BBR, CCR)
  • Approves or delegates approval for all technical submissions to ensure consistency, quality and accuracy.
  • Make Team Buy policy, export restrictions and offset requirements.
  • Prepares and presents to internal and external stakeholders in order to communicate the technical solution.
  • Organizes when appropriate technical meetings and peer reviews.
  • Works with external partners/suppliers and customer in order to understand the technical interfaces and scope split. Work with BTL to document the scope split.
  • Checks the production, the deployment and the maintenance/service aspects of the Solution.
  • Development of cuttover plan and any solutions to support the cuttover plan.
  • Takes into account the remarks from the DA in regard to the validity of the Solution and the risk assessment and mitigation.
  • Reports regularly to the DA on the technical status and on technical risks.

  • 3 to 5 years of experience in the management of saltey critical software development
  • 3 to 5 years in Rail and Signaling or other related safety critical industry
  • 3 to 5 years of experience in managing cross functional teams
  • 3 or more years of experience in a technical leadership roles
  • 3 to 5 years experience in Rail and Signaling
  • Preferred experience in developing technical solutions for a safety critical system
  • *** Working environment is in an office with the ability to flex work from home. Applicant must be willing to come to office for specific meetings, audits, etc. and is expected to be in the office a minimum of 1 day per week. ***
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