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Network Deployment Specialist

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
Aversan Inc. is a multi-service engineering firm specializing in design, build, testing, certification, and support services for embedded flight and rail systems & software, health technology, and advanced IT.

  • Analyze customer, system and regulatory requirements for a CBTC product and translate them into requirements for a communication network;
  • Based on requirements, develop a communication network design for wired, wireless and IT areas, that also satisfies various cost, schedule, deployment, logistics and other non-technical constraints;
  • Analyze a communication network design from various perspectives, such as reliability, security, scalability, maintainability, deployment and more;
  • Based on a design, create communication network configurations including process documentation, which includes wired network, wireless network and IT components;
  • Prepare deployment packages for remote sites and deploy accordingly through guidance and training of site teams where necessary
  • Verify and validate a communication network design (e.g. via testing, analysis, etc.);
  • Troubleshoot and investigate various complex network issues in-house and on site;
  • Create and maintain technical documentation and strict configuration control of a communication network deployment;
  • Prepare prospective designs for bids and proposals, based on Requests for Proposals and requirements;
  • Evaluate existing third-party communication network designs and their interaction with CBTC communication networks, such as development of interface definitions, RF interference, security assessment and more;
  • Specify and maintain hardware lists to support communication network designs, dealing with various related issues, such as End-of-Life replacement, installation, qualification, etc.;
  • Apply and tailor various engineering processes to specific scenarios during the development and deployment of communication network designs;
  • Develop tools and utilities that assist in various stages of the communication network design and delivery, such as testing tools, deployment automation tools;
  • Support and develop technical interfaces to other groups within the company;
  • Prepare and execute design reviews and discussions with internal and external parties.
  • The resource will need to be able to travel for work globally 75% of the time.
Basic Qualifications
  • Bachelor’s degree in Network, Electrical or Computer Engineering or equivalent; Master’s degree is preferred.
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in communication network design, deployment and maintenance (wired, wireless, IT);
    • Excellent understanding and knowledge of communication network concepts, principles and design framework. Industry certification is desirable;
  • Wired networking:
    - Understanding of physical layer technologies;
    - Excellent knowledge and experience in design, operation and troubleshooting of layer-2 and layer-3 technologies;
    - Understanding and experience in network security technologies and design;
  • Wireless networking:
    - Strong theoretical knowledge of RF theory (e.g. modulation, multiplexing, channel and signal propagation modelling, signal detection and processing, etc.);
    - Excellent knowledge and experience in design, operation and troubleshooting of radio-based systems (e.g. Wi-Fi, WiMAX, cellular, etc.);
  • IT design and deployment:
    - Understanding of common IT technologies;
    - Experience in configuration, deployment and maintenance of IT components (servers, workstations, LAN, etc.);
    - Advanced knowledge of software technologies (Windows-, Unix-based operating systems, MS SQL Server, Active Directory, etc.);
    -Excellent hands on experience in the use of troubleshooting and diagnosis tools is required
  • Excellent understanding and experience in network analysis (performance, reliability, scalability and other factors);
  • Good knowledge and understanding of security concepts (cryptography) is desirable;
  • Good understanding of high-level system design process; advanced knowledge and experience in the use of common software tools (MS Office, Visio, etc.)
  •  Excellent customer service skills with at least 3 years of experience in a customer support role.
  • 3-5 years of experience in training or mentoring methodologies
  • CCNA, CCNP or equivalent and greater certification is a requirement 
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