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IVVQ Specialist

Location: Burnaby, BC, Canada
Aversan Inc. is a multi-service engineering firm specializing in design, build, testing, certification, and support services for embedded flight and rail systems & software, health technology, and advanced IT.

Prepares integration and test plans, procedures and reports to integrate, verify and validate the system. Performs integration and testing in-plant and at project sites in accordance with these test plans and procedures. Prepares test automation scripts.
  • Participates in the integration and test planning
  • Prepares Integration and Test Procedures in accordance with the plans
  • Prepares test automation scripts
  • Develops operational and stress / bust-it test scenarios
  • Performs integration activities in-house and at project sites to mitigate the key project acceptance and commissioning risks
  • Investigates integration anomalies through review of data files, design documentation and through interaction with the development teams
  • Participates in the analysis of the integration issues and follows up on the rectification of anomalies
  • Executes formal tests within the laboratory environment
  • Consistently recognizes anomalous system behaviour and documents the behaviour into the problem tracking system
  • Conducts initial review of the test results through the observed system responses and the analysis of the collected data
  • Performs independent review of the test results
  • Communicates test observations and results in both oral and written media to superiors and other engineering staff
  • Prepares problem reports in the defect tracking system describing test failures and defects
  • Prepares integration and test reports which record the pass/ fail status of planned tests and identify GROUP INTERNAL 2 / 3 problems detected during the tests
  • Acquires product knowledge through active participation in formal and on the job training, as well as self-study
  • Prepares trip reports upon completion of field assignments
  • Adheres to the company’s processes
Basic Qualifications
  • Bachelor’s Degree, Electrical / Computer Engineering Bachelor’s Degree
  • +3 years relevant working experience 
  • Knowledge of railway signalling techniques, including SelTrac CBTC 
  • Able to handle assignments within a small to medium test team 
  • Able to quickly integrate with the team and work independently 
  • Experience in working within a team using Agile Methodologies 
  • Experience in task planning, including estimation, performance tracking and reporting 
  • Practical experience in using typical programs which are part of Microsoft Office Suite 
  • Practical experience with requirements management and problems tracking tools (e.g. Jira, ClearQuest, Doors, etc.) 
IVVQ (Integration)
  • Knowledge of in-house and field integration methods and procedures 
  • Good analysis skills, able to diagnose issues based on test logs and correlate events to failures 
  • Knowledge of data communication systems 
  • Knowledge of simulation systems 
  • Knowledge of troubleshooting techniques 
IVVQ (Verification, Validation and Qualification)
  • Experience in testing real time embedded mission critical systems 
  • Knowledge of in-house and field testing techniques 
  • Experience in developing scripts for test automation 
  • Good knowledge of System Engineering principles, life cycle models and requirements analysis 
  • Good knowledge of requirements compliance mapping 
  • Good knowledge of software verification and validation processes
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